Spread love in a creative way


Love is in the air! Why?

Because with our Love Heart you can now spread love creatively!

Love Heart is more than just a pretty pendant - it is the perfect way to pour out your heart and unite your feelings in a personal message. A great gift that your loved one can carry with him/her at all times as a symbol of your love.


You would like to know how?

The Love Heart pendant contains your personal message to your loved one. The only thing you have to do is to add a sweet message to the Love Heart and then give it to your sweetheart. The best way to spread love with a personal gift! Your sweetheart is guaranteed to be happy.


What is Love Heart?

The Love Heart is a pendant in a sweet heart shape in romantic red. A great gift for the keychain or as a fashionable accessory.

The Love Heart is both a practical and pretty gift that is unique due to your personal message. Your sweetheart can carry this great and personal gift with him/her at all times and always be reminded of your love. So you are guaranteed to make every heart beat faster!

Spread love now!