More about Love Heart

Create a unique gift - the typical impersonal standard gifts are over. Store a sweet message on the Love Heart and personalize it for your sweetheart. The combination of a beautiful pendant and a personal message creates an incomparable symbol of love, which only the presentee can see and always carry with him/her.

Step 1: Activate

To store a personal message on the Love Heart, it needs to be activated first. The so-called NFC technology is used for this. Hold the Love Heart pendant on the back of your smartphone. The NFC reader of smartphones is integrated in different places depending on the model, but is usually located in the upper part of the smartphone or near the camera.

You will now be asked to activate the Love Heart. Just one click and the activation is complete.


Step 2: Personal message

Now that you have successfully activated Love Heart, it is time to create your personal message! Show your beloved how much you love him or her in a personalized message that only he or she can access. Love Heart is the perfect symbol of love, adorning your keys or bag, and reminder of your love for the presentee wherever he or she is.

Step 3: Spread love

The last step is the easiest one: After the Love Heart has become unique through your personalized message, it is ready to be handed over to your darling. The combination of a beautiful accessory in a romantic style with a personal message is guaranteed to make every heart beat faster and always reminds your loved one of your love.